US Waiver Lawyers in NYC

Even though Canada and the United States have a close relationship and Canadians and Americans can visit each other’s countries with relative ease, the United States still denies many foreign nationals entry – even Canadians. This happens every day in an effort to keep the United States and Americans safe, and it can be extremely embarrassing and inconvenient if this happens to you. Whether you have already been denied entry to the United States or fear you will be, read on: 

Why would someone be denied entry to the United States

There is a long list of reasons why someone would be denied entry to the United States.

These reasons can include having a communicable disease, having a criminal record for a crime of “moral turpitude”, having charges related to drug possession, having a criminal record in Canada, being involved with terrorism, having been convicted of trafficking people, having been deported from the United States, having a criminal record in the United States or have overstayed a visa in the United States previously.

Health problems and a criminal record are some of the most common reasons Canadians will find themselves being denied entry to the United States. In some cases, you can be eligible to apply for a United States Waiver of Inadmissibility to overcome your criminal inadmissibility, which will allow you into the United States even though you would generally be denied entry otherwise. These waivers last about five years (although they can be less) and you will have to display it every time you enter the United States over the duration for which it is valid.

United States Waiver lawyers in NYC

United States Waivers are very difficult to obtain, as there is likely a valid reason why you have already been denied entry or would be denied entry to the United States. However, with the right professional assistance on your side you will be able to navigate this tricky facet of United States immigration and ensure that your United States waiver application has the best chance for success. Make sure that you meet all of the requirements and have all of your supporting documentation ready before you apply – speak with a licensed immigration attorney as soon as possible. We are there to help you no matter how many obstacles seem to be in your way!

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